Third generation of digital photography

Introducing the first free mobile app that snaps perfect shots within a single try.
How it's possible
Technology is modern Magic, embodied in the DINA project.
  • Capturing the perfect angle
    What used to be available only when shooting with a professional photographer is now possible with DINA. With the perfect angle capture feature, you can simply turn on DINA and it will take the perfect shot for you.
  • Color tone adaptiveness
    Each of us has a favorite color palette. DINA knows this and learns from you personally, analyzes your profile and tastes. It offers you only the best solutions, taking care to ensure that you are always satisfied with the beauty of the shots.
  • Capturing the perfect composition for a specific moment.
    Composition sets the accents in the shot and creates a story, a legend that you want to examine and remember. Any inaccuracies and mistakes are very critical. That’s why at DINA, we’ve created a special algorithm for capturing the perfect narrative composition.
  • Deep Machine Learning
    DINA’s like this super cool app that’s always learning. You know how you get better at taking selfies the more you take? Well, DINA does that with every photo. It’s like it’s got this built-in brain that’s always figuring out how to level up its photo game. So, you don’t have to worry about updating it or anything. It’s just doing its thing, getting better and more high-tech with each photo shot. It’s pretty awesome, right?
  • Tuning the exposure
    Light brings out the emotions, the frame itself, the atmosphere. It’s super important to catch the right light at the right time so everything is visible, the accents are correctly placed, and of course, the shot is filled with emotion. DINA’s got this down pat. In just a few seconds, it adjusts to the environment and catches the perfect moment to click the shutter at the background. It’s like having a pro photographer in your pocket!
  • Object recognition
    We’re all in a hurry, living at a fast pace, and often miss valuable bright moments. With DINA, you won’t miss a thing. Thanks to special object recognition algorithms: faces, objects, natural and urban objects, DINA will make the perfect shot in a matter of seconds. You just need to turn it on, the rest of the magic is her technique.
The perfect shot in a flash.
DINA recognizes any objects, has professional skills in composition, color and light setting. Knows your perfect angles and preferences. DINA is a professional photographer in your pocket. Machine intelligence and speed of work allow DINA to create perfect professional shots in a flash. Just turn it on and move the camera.
"While others are fighting for users’ hearts by offering various 'enhancers'. Cameras where the user makes the decision, photo editors, filters, stickers, beautifiers, etc. But they all just mask mistakes, but do not able to improve them. DINA simply does not allow them".

Ideal storage
and navigation
At DINA, we’ve paid special attention to the overall ergonomics of the service. Our users have unlimited storage for shots and intuitive navigation by tags.
DINA is designed to capture the moment just as you imagine it
without any camera, composition, or light errors
  • It’s like having a machine with a creative vision
    We’re working on creating a creative machine vision. This is a complex algorithm from a combination of neural networks, trained on centuries-old principles and rules of photo art, generative adversarial networks, replacing expensive photo lenses, and adaptive machine learning.
  • User desire
    The new approach to creating photos was found by studying target audiences for two years, testing interface options, conducting customer development, and working with focus groups worldwide. More over DINA could scan user's photo libraries to understand the creative vision of it's owner.
  • Unique UX/UI experience
    The user only needs to point the camera at the desired object of shooting, position the lens according to the intuitive assistant’s prompts on the screen and DINA saves the frame, simultaneously performing all the minimally necessary manipulations with the image according to the laws of the photo genre in fractions of a second.
  • Personal touch
    DINA takes a shot, shows it to you and you decide to accept it or reject it. So you help the algorithm to improve and develop, teach it what is perfect for you.
We cherish the nature of sensations
DINA creates not just shots, she catches perfect moments of your life and keeps them for you. It’s easy to handle: just turn it on, let her look and everything will be ready. The convenience of use and the feeling of simplicity is the ideology of the DINA project. At DINA we understand how important it is not to knock down the mood and not to distract with unnecessary details so we took care not only about technological developments but also about design in general: convenient, intuitive minimalist interface sets new standards and tunes for creativity.
Modern technologies create DINA from the inside and inspire each time for new development

Meet the third generation of digital photography
DINA – Digital Image Neural Assistant
ГSimply put, DINA is a creative assistant, a mobile photo operator who takes pictures for the user himself, learns from his preferences and tastes and with each time more closely adapts to the style of its owner. Moreover, not a photo operator who can be called a professional personal photographer. Without errors of composition, light or others. With DINA everything will be just perfect. Try it and you will like it!
DINA can work personally for you as a personal photographer or a commercial specialist who will help you in your business.
Meet the areas of application
DINA is for you, your work and for the world as a whole
DINA will help you run your Instagram account beautifully and professionally. It can even replace a commercial photographer and shoot a full-fledged photo set for a brand, for example, a cafe or restaurant, a jewelry salon or a beauty salon, a clothing showroom or dishes. It doesn’t matter what you want to shoot, it’s important how. If you need a perfect result - entrust it to DINA.
DINA can replace the photographer and work for the brand instead

DINA is your perfect mirror in which in all the world you will be fairest and has beauty of the rarest. But not due to filters and distortions, but due to the skill of shooting and knowledge of your best angles
Each of us has faced the fact that the moment was missed… With DINA this will not happen, no need to wait or press buttons, adjust and aim the camera and so on. In one moment and without fuss you will get the best shot, even if the object will hurry or run away…
Catch the
DINA sees perfectly in the dark. It doesn’t matter day or night, she can handle any task
DINA dynamically navigates in any situation and catches exactly that moment and that mood that has always eluded you before
Beauty in
Wherever you are, DINA will always make you perfect company. Will share the mood of the moment and remember it with you
Max Zemtsov
DINA Founder
DINA is more than just a project and a mobile development, it’s an international company changing the rules of the game everywhere
Meet the targets
We’ve created the third generation of shooting as simple to use as a regular pencil. Just point the camera - we’ll do the rest. No shutter release buttons or other technical complications.
DEEPTECH perfection
DINA uses advanced EdgeAI technologies, so you need to access cloud servers and use an internet connection less and less, almost all processes take place on the device itself within the application.

Speed and safety

The complex algorithm consists of a Core, which includes arrays of neural network models, trained on the basic principles and rules of photo art from the 1900s, generative adversarial networks, designed to imitate and ultimately replace expensive photo lenses, and learning algorithms are constantly trained to more effectively predict the behavior and creative preferences of users.

Computer vision

When you point the camera at a scene or object that you want to capture, DINA selects the most suitable compositional model for the current situation using the Core. The Core evaluates everything happening around you, such parameters as: light and shadows, weather conditions, location and nearby objects, thus trying to predict the place, position of the camera and even time for the perfect next frame.
Smart approach